About Us


IDBN-BA is a subsidiary of Kizmedia Group and a provider of Indoor Digital Billboard media solutions

IDBN-BA’s state-of-the-art digital assets are fully equipped with dynamic capabilities that deliver engaging and memorable Indoor Digital media campaigns harnessed by the latest technology. IDBN-BA’s dynamic capabilities offer opportunities for:

  • Dynamic messaging is triggered by weather-based applications including pollen and air pollution.
  • Live sports score updates and/or event streaming in real-time.
  • Social Wall whereby linking live feeds from social media platforms to be displayed onto digital out-of-home assets.
  • Radio to Road is a multi-channel solution that enables audio and visual channel synchronicity.
  • Prime (i) Road and Mall (anonymous vehicle and facial recognition) is ideal for target-specific messaging.
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Our Core Values

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We have Flexible Schedules to have meeting with our clients

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Our Mission

Create Ads That Are Eye Catching and powerful ad that will get your company noticed. This is why it is extremely important to pay attention to every detail of your ad.