Signs are good ways of informing customers about loans, investment accounts, and other banking products; as well as display current rate information and other market-driven data in the lobby.It provides the means to broadcast dynamic messages with relevant information that current and prospective clients are looking for from their bank or credit union. Interactive, touch screen signage can provide access to customized information while reducing the workload on bank employees. Electronic displays are ideal for displaying current mortgage and CD rates, quotes and more.

Cost effective, automated data feeds including stock market feeds; commodities, currencies and financial news are easily received, integrated, and displayed and will drastically reduce the cost of updating and reprinting brochures and other marketing collateral. We offer a turnkey system including content or work with your data feeds. Bank branches, insurance firms and stock brokerages will all benefit from displaying on time, up-to-the-minute relevant information to employees and customers.

IDBN offers a turnkey system including content or work with your data feeds. Digital signage is an impressive addition to any financial institution and can effectively engage consumers and cross-promote other productions and services.

Why is this important to bank, credit union or other financial institution?

  • Cross-promote products & services
  • Direct visitors with building maps/directories
  • Integrate with back end systems to display rates & quotes, in real time
  • Employee training
  • Act as an advertising tool
  • Reduce cost of print advertising
  • Where digital signage can go
  • Waiting lines
  • Lobbies
  • Office Areas
  • Break Rooms
  • High Traffic Areas

This helps to reduce the costs associated with printing static signs by giving you the power to transform your communication into eye-catching dynamic digital messaging.