Bingo and Gaming

For gaming venues, digital signage networks increase a visitor’s sense of well-being and provide the utmost in customer service, thus stimulating customer loyalty.

Touch technology is available on digital signs in sizes as large as 50-inches. Already popular in convention hotels, digital wayfinding signs allow travelers to choose their route and learn about the airport before they enter the terminal. For example, a hungry traveler could not only use a digital wayfinding system to locate his gate, but also see what food offerings were in that area. Also, because of a digital signage network’s ability to be updated immediately and constantly, wayfinding signs could change to direct travelers to their flights by the name of their destination, not just point to their intended gate; as well as automatic RSS feeds keep the boards updated so the network can operate with little human involvement.

How does Digital Signage add value to your business?

  • Promote new games and special offers
  • Tell customers about loyalty programs
  • Provide information about upcoming events
  • Highlight recent jackpot winners
  • Provide ad revenue from affiliated “partners”
  • Display welcome messages for special groups
  • Quickly broadcast emergency alerts
  • Do all of this at an affordable price
  • Digital Signage works!
  • Information presented on digital signage has a 37% higher retention rate than that of others