Health Care

Digital signage will differentiate your medical facility and is an attractive method to direct visitors to their destinations while promoting health messages, upcoming events, classes, cafeteria menus and hospital specialties.

Digital signage is used for a wide variety of purposes including customer facing and employee facing applications such as advertising, enhancing customer and employee experiences, influencing audience behavior, brand building, interactive kiosks, upselling products and services, etc..

Digital Signage Is Cost Effective

Eliminating the need to print and distribute static signs each time your message or campaign changes saves on costly printing and distribution fees. Operations can be done in house or outsourced. No more hours lost reprinting outdated or erroneous materials.

Digital Signage Is Centralized

Control all screens from one central location, insuring quality, and consistency, while requiring minimal resources to operate your digital signage network.

Digital Signage Is Attention Grabbing

Getting the attention of your audience is the most important part of any display. Research shows that digital signage is more likely to be noticed by your target viewers and increases the probability of them acting on your message.

Digital Signage Is Versatile

Our digital signage software enables the user to start small with one or two screens and scale up to multiple screens covering an entire facility or an entire network of facilities. There are many ways to utilize digital signage to communicate with patients and families quickly and efficiently. Display screens, interactive kiosks, photo galleries, digital maps, and wayfinding are some of the most widely used applications for digital signage.

Cost effective, automated data feeds including stock market feeds; commodities, currencies and financial news are easily received, integrated, and displayed and will drastically reduce the cost of updating and reprinting brochures and other marketing collateral. We offer a turnkey system including content or work with your data feeds. Bank branches, insurance firms and stock brokerages will all benefit from displaying on time, up-to-the-minute relevant information to employees and customers.