People are eating out more than ever before, and restaurateurs are beginning to embrace digital signage as a way of enhancing their image, the overall atmosphere and increasing revenue.

Digital signage menu boards from IDBN guarantee immediate ROI by removing the graphic design and printing costs associated with repeated price and menu changes.

Digital signage is having a huge impact on the restaurant and bar business. Whether you are a fast food establishment, fine dining destination or the local watering hole, digital displays can not only provide info on specials and other menu items, in a lot of cases the digital signs add to the ambience of the restaurant..

What digital signage can do

  • Create digital menu boards
  • Promote upcoming events, bands, holiday specials, etc.
  • Allow patrons respond to promotions using their phones
  • Display welcome messages in the lobby for parties
  • Reduce perceived waiting times by keeping patrons entertained
  • Suggest monthly cocktail, happy hour and menu specials with vivid images and animation right in front of your customers
  • Sell advertising space to related vendors and third-party organizations to recoup your investment faster, spark interest in customers and expand your marketing reach